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Owners of waterless toilet systems shall verify adequate pathogen reduction through testing. The test samples shall be from the first treatment period of biologically active conditions after a minimum of one (1) year before removal of the humus end product from the composting processor. Testing must be completed by a certified laboratory. Where multistage composting is in use, the sample shall be collected from the secondary composting processor.

(a) The sample shall be tested in accordance with EPA/625/R-92/013, Appendix F, Section 1.2.

(b) Results from physical and biological testing are to be included in the operational report and self-certification provided to the Department, as required in Section 615-5(g).

(c) Test results shall not have a moisture content exceeding seventy-five percent (75%) by weight and shall not exceed two hundred (200) fecal coliforms/gram. (Repealed and reenacted by Ord. 2628, § 2, 6/4/2019)