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The driller shall provide the Health Department a completion report within 30 days of the completion of any well construction, reconstruction, or destruction job. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 02/13/90)

(a) Submittal of State “Report of Completion.” A copy of the “Report of Completion” (Water Well Driller’s Report, Department of Water Resources Form 188) required by California Water Code § 13751 shall be submitted by the permittee to the Department of Health and Human Services Public Health Branch within thirty days of construction, alteration, or destruction of any well. This report shall document that the work was completed in accordance with the standards and all additional permit conditions. This section shall not be deemed to release any person from the requirement to file said report with the state Department of Water Resources. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990; Ord. 2351, § 23, 12/6/2005)

(b) Confidentiality of Report. In accordance with California Water Code § 13752, reports shall not be made available for inspection by the public but shall be made available for inspection by governmental agencies for use in making studies. Reports shall be made available to any person who obtains written authorization from the owner of the well. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990)

(c) Other Agency’s Requirements. Nothing in this ordinance shall be deemed to excuse any person from compliance with the provisions of California Water Code §§ 13750 through 13755 relating to notices and reports of completion or any other Federal, State of Local reporting regulations. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990)