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(a) Right of Hearing. Any person whose application for a permit has been denied, or granted conditionally, or whose permit has been suspended or revoked, or whose variance request has been denied, may appeal to the Board, in writing, within ten days after any such denial, conditional granting, suspension, or revocation. Such appeal shall specify the grounds upon which it is taken, and shall be accompanied by the required filing fee. The Clerk of the Board shall set such appeal for hearing at the earliest practice time, and shall notify the appellant and the Health Department, in writing, or the time so set at least five days prior to the hearing. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990)

(b) Action by the Board. After such hearing, the Board may reverse, wholly or partly, or may modify the order or determination appealed from. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990)