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(a) When required. No person shall dig, bore, drill, deepen, modify, repair, or destroy a water well, cathodic protection well, observation well, monitoring well or any other excavation that may intersect ground water without first applying for and receiving a permit as provided in this division unless exempted by law. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990)

(b) Penalty for failure to obtain permit. Any person who shall commence any work for which a permit is required by this division without having obtained a permit shall be required, if subsequently granted a permit for this work, to pay double the standard permit fee. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990)

(c) Emergency work. The above provisions shall not apply to emergency work required on short notice to maintain drinking water or agricultural supply systems. In such cases, the person responsible for the emergency work shall:

(1) Urgency. Satisfy the Department of Health and Human Serices Public Health Branch that such work was urgently necessary. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990; Ord. 2351, § 23, 12/6/2005)

(2) Conformance with standards. Demonstrate that all work performed was in conformance with the technical standards as designated in Article 3. (Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990)

(Ord. 1885, § 2, 2/13/1990)