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The expenditure plan is designated to accomplish the specific projects listed below with the expenditures from the transactions and use tax. The expenditure plan provides for preserving the existing libraries; reversing the deterioration in services at the existing libraries and upgrading their services and collections. (Ord. 2163, 3/10/98)

This expenditure plan is intended to provide Humboldt County with libraries that are on a par with those operated in the urban areas of California. (Ord. 2163, 3/10/98)

The specific projects for which the revenues from the transactions and use tax will be expenditure are as follows in the order of priority: (Ord. 2163, 3/10/98)

(a) Maintaining and operating the Humboldt County public libraries and the Bookmobile service. (Ord. 2163, 3/10/1998)

(b) Restoring staff and open hours at least to the 1992/93 levels in all existing county library outlets, and restoring the bookmobile staff and schedule to full-time. (Ord. 2163, 3/10/1998)

(c) Restoring the book and materials budget for the library system to 1992/93 levels, and increasing it when demand and funding allows. (Ord. 2163, 3/10/1998)

(d) Improving wherever possible the library facilities, automation, services and collections of all Humboldt County Library outlets. (Ord. 2163, 3/10/1998)

(e) If appropriate, renting, leasing or constructing additional library branches or bookmobiles and maintaining and operating such additional library outlets. (Ord. 2163, 3/10/1998)