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(a) Any person that fails to pay the tax required by this chapter within thirty (30) days after the due date shall pay, in addition to the tax, a penalty for nonpayment in a sum equal to ten percent (10%) of the total amount due. All taxes and penalties remaining unpaid through December 31st each year will accrue interest at the rate of one and one-half percent (1.5%) per month, for a total of eighteen percent (18%) per year, beginning January 1st and will continue to accrue until redeemed. A cost recovery fee will also be added each time a notice regarding overdue payments is mailed. Receipt of the tax payment by the Humboldt County Treasurer-Tax Collector’s Office shall govern the determination of whether the tax is delinquent. Postmarks will not be accepted as adequate proof of a timely payment.

(b) The Humboldt County Treasurer-Tax Collector is hereby authorized to waive or cancel any penalties, costs or other charges resulting from nonpayment of the tax required by this chapter where the failure to make a timely payment was due to circumstances beyond the taxpayer’s control. (Ord. 2567, § 1, 12/13/2016; Ord. 2575, § 1, 6/6/2017; Ord. 2597, § 1, 4/3/2018; Ord. 2657, § 2, 10/27/2020)