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(a) It shall be unlawful to split or separate into smaller work orders or projects any public project for the purpose of evading the provisions of this division requiring work to be done by contract after bidding. Every person who willfully violates the provisions of this subsection is guilty of a misdemeanor. (Ord. 2512, § 1, 1/28/2014)

(b) The Board of Supervisors shall adopt plans, specifications, and working details for all public projects the expenditure for which exceeds the cost limits of Section 22032(c) of the Public Contract Code. (Ord. 2512, § 1, 1/28/2014)

(c) Any person may examine the plans, specifications, or working details, or all of these, adopted by the County for any project. (Ord. 2512, § 1, 1/28/2014)

(d) The provisions of this division shall not apply to the construction of any public building described in Section 22041 of the Public Contract Code. (Ord. 2512, § 1, 1/28/2014)

(e) Any portion of this division which references provisions of the California Public Contract Code shall also include any successor provisions thereto. (Ord. 2512, § 1, 1/28/2014)

(f) Nothing in this division shall preclude the prequalification of general contractors and subcontractors. (Ord. 2512, § 1, 1/28/2014)