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Every business required to have a license under the provisions of this chapter shall make an application on forms designated by the License Administrator. Each application for a new business license pursuant to the provisions of this chapter must be approved by each of the following departments: Humboldt County Department of Environmental Health, Humboldt County Department of Public Works, Humboldt County Planning Department, Humboldt County Building Department, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department, and the Chief of the Fire Department within whose jurisdiction the enterprise will be located (Permitting Departments) and, if applicable, the requirements of Business and Professions Code Section 16100.3. For each application made hereunder the License Administator shall collect fees as detailed in Section 811-3 when application is made. No new business licenses shall be issued until the approval of the Permitting Departments is obtained. (Ord. 587, § 1, 2/7/1967; Ord. 1704, § 1, 9/3/1985; Ord. 2660, § 2, 11/17/2020)