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A business license must be obtained for the purposes below and as detailed in this chapter, for which the License Administrator shall require payment pursuant to the provisions of this chapter.

(a) Mobile. Any business based from a residence with no customer traffic. Additional permits may be required from the Humboldt County Planning Department.

(b) Special. Any businesses with a physical base and business license not located in unincorporated Humboldt County or any business that’s purpose is an independent contractor for an already established licensed business. (Example: Booth space in a hair salon.)

(c) Storefront. Any business with on-site customer traffic or commercial zoning.

(d) Vacation Rentals. A short-term rental arrangement of thirty (30) days or less including all vacation rentals for occupying a room or rooms, or other living space, in a hotel, inn, tourist home or house, motel, or other lodging within the unincorporated area of the County. (Ord. 8, § 3, 3/2/1885; Ord. 2660, § 2, 11/17/2020)