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For the purposes of this chapter, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivatives shall have the meaning given herein: (Ord. 2529, § 2, 05/19/2015)

(a) “Motion picture, television, web shows, still photography” shall mean and include all activity attendant to staging or shooting commercial motion pictures, television shows or programs, commercials, web productions and student films in any medium including film, tape or digital format. (Ord. 2529, § 2, 5/19/2015)

(b) “Charitable films” shall mean commercials, motion pictures, television, videotapes, digital recording or still photography produced by a nonprofit organization, which qualifies under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a charitable organization. No person, directly or indirectly, shall receive a profit from the marketing and production of the film or from showing the films, tapes or photos. (Ord. 2529, § 2, 5/19/2015)

(c) “News Media” shall mean the photographing, filming or videotaping for the purpose of spontaneous, unplanned television news broadcast or reporting for print media by reporters, photographers or camerapersons. (Ord. 2529, § 2, 5/19/2015)

(d) “Studio” shall mean a fixed place of business certified as such by the local land use authority where filming activities (motion or still photography) are regularly conducted upon the premises. (Ord. 2529, § 2, 5/19/2015)

(e) “Permitting Officer” shall mean the County Administrative Officer, or designee, who shall have authority to approve film permits under this chapter. (Ord. 2529, § 2, 5/19/2015)