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(a) As part of the Building Permit Application, the applicant shall demonstrate that the installation of an electric vehicle charging station will not have a specific adverse impact to public health and safety and building occupants. The plans submitted must, at a minimum, address electrical system capacity and loads, electrical system wiring, bonding and overcurrent protection, building infrastructure affected by electric vehicle charging stations and associated conduits, areas of electric vehicle charging stations and vehicle parking. The Chief Building Official may require additional information to address a specific adverse impact. (Ord. 2579, § 1, 9/19/2017)

(b) The Building Official shall allow for electronic submittal of permit applications covered by this Ordinance and associated supporting documentation. In accepting such permit applications, the Building Official shall also accept electronic signatures on all forms, applications, and other documentation in lieu of a wet signature by any applicant. (Ord. 2579, § 1, 9/19/2017)