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A Person seeking to (1) obtain a Franchise; (2) Transfer a Franchise; (3) extend the term of an existing Franchise, (4) renew a Franchise, or (5) modify an existing Franchise to add new Services that are required to be authorized by a Franchise pursuant to this Division, shall submit a signed original of its application and six (6) copies to the Clerk of the Board. The Clerk of the Board shall make a Proposal available for public inspection. The application must conform to all of the requirements of this Division. Requests for other types of Franchise modifications may be processed by the County without an application, and submitted for approval. However, nothing herein shall prevent the County from requiring an application in the event the County determines, based on the nature of the requested modification, that the public interest would best be served by the submission of a application pursuant to this Division. (Ord. 2316, § 1, 4/20/2004)