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(a) PEG access. No OVS Operator shall be issued a Franchise, or may commence construction of an OVS system, until (A) it agrees to match in all respects the highest PEG obligations borne by any cable Operator in the County; or (B) it agrees to PEG obligations acceptable to the County. (Ord. 2316, § 1, 4/20/2004)

(b) Institutional network. Any OVS Operator that constructs an I-Net must match in all respects the highest I-Net obligations borne by any cable Operator in Humboldt County, unless it agrees to alternative I-Net obligations acceptable to Humboldt County. (Ord. 2316, § 1, 4/20/2004)

(c) Construction Provisions. Every OVS agreement shall specify the construction schedule that will apply to any required construction, upgrade, or rebuild of the OVS. The schedule shall provide for prompt completion of the project, considering the amount and type of construction required. (Ord. 2316, § 1, 4/20/2004)

(d) Testing. Each OVS Operator shall perform at its expense such tests as may be necessary to show whether or not the Franchisee is in compliance with its obligations under this Division or a Franchise. (Ord. 2316, § 1, 4/20/2004)

(e) Consumer protection provisions. Every Franchisee must satisfy customer service consumer protection requirements established from time to time under state or local law and applicable to OVS, including the minimum standards set forth in Appendix A of this Division. (Ord. 2316, § 1, 4/20/2004)