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(a) State Franchise Fees. Any state franchise holder operating within the unincorporated areas of the County shall pay to the County a state franchise fee equal to five percent (5%) of gross revenues that may be subject to a franchise fee under California Public Utilities Code Section 5860. (Ord. 2443, § 1, 1/25/2011)

(b) Payment of Franchise Fees. The state franchise fee required pursuant to this Section 855-3 shall be paid quarterly, in a manner consistent with California Public Utilities Code Section 5860. The state franchise holder shall deliver to the County, by check or other means, which shall be agreed to by the County, a separate payment for the state franchise fee not later than forty-five (45) days after the end of each calendar quarter. Each payment made shall be accompanied by a report, detailing how the payment was calculated, and shall include such additional information on the appropriate form as designated by the County. (Ord. 2443, § 1, 1/25/2011)

(c) Examination of Business Records. The County may examine the business records of the holder of a state franchise in a manner consistent with California Public Utilities Code Section 5860(i). (Ord. 2443, § 1, 1/25/2011)

(d) Late Payments. In the event a state franchise holder fails to make payments required by this Section 855-3 on or before the due dates specified herein, the County shall impose a late charge at the rate per year equal to the highest prime lending rate during the period of delinquency, plus one percent (1%). (Ord. 2443, § 1, 1/25/2011)