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(a) Definition. “Administrative service fee” or “fee” means a reasonable charge upon persons occupying a space within a mobile home park for the privilege granted by this Chapter of receiving the specific rent stabilization benefits conferred by this Chapter.

(b) Collection. The administrative service fee shall be paid to the County from every occupied mobile home space, except exempt spaces which shall be excluded from paying the fee.

(c) Purpose and Limitation on Use. The purpose of the fee is to reimburse, in whole or in part, the County for the reasonable costs of conferring the benefits and privileges provided by this Chapter to the benefit of the mobile home owners who are collectively paying the fee. These costs may include, but not be limited to, the costs of administering and enforcing the rent stabilization provisions of this Chapter; defending those provisions and their administrative enforcement from litigation challenging them; defending the administrative decisions of the County that would result in the preservation of the mobile home spaces receiving the benefits of this Chapter as rental spaces that are qualified, under state law, to continue to receive the benefits of this Chapter from their conversion to subdivided lots or other uses that would result in their loss of the rent stabilization benefits and privileges conferred by this Chapter from litigation challenging them and providing grants to mobile home park homeowners’ associations, or legal service providers, to partly cover the costs of providing the legal services necessary for enforcing their rights in administrative proceedings under this Chapter. All moneys collected by the County through this administrative fee shall be set aside and used by the County only for the purposes set forth in this subsection and shall not exceed the reasonable costs of conferring the benefits and privileges provided by this Chapter to the persons collectively paying the fee, including providing the County with a reserve for covering such future costs, compensating the County for the expenditure of such prior costs and covering the payment of any loans that the County has or may incur to help pay for the costs of providing the benefits and privileges of this Chapter, including loans to help pay the County’s costs of defending against litigation that is covered under this subsection.

(d) The amount of administrative fees and requirements for submission of the fees shall be reasonable, shall not exceed a total of five dollars ($5.00) per space per month, and shall be set by resolution of the Board of Supervisors in compliance with the specific purpose and limits of this section. Monthly fees applicable to mobile home park spaces covered by this Chapter shall be collected by each park owner and submitted to the County on a quarterly basis, within thirty (30) days after the end of each quarter. The payments shall be accompanied by reporting as required on a form provided by County staff.