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(a) “Consumer Price Index” means the Consumer Price Index-- All Items for all urban consumers for the San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose area (base year equals 1982-1984) as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States Department of Labor.

(b) “In-place transfer” means the transfer of the ownership of a mobile home with the mobile home remaining on the mobile home lot following the transfer.

(c) “Landlord” means a mobile home park owner, mobile home owner, lessor or sub lessor who receives or is entitled to receive rent for the use and occupancy of any rental unit or portion thereof, and the agent, representative or successor of any of the foregoing.

(d) “Mobile home” means a structure transportable in one or more sections, designed and equipped to contain not more than one dwelling unit, to be used with or without a foundation system.

(e) “Mobile home park” means any area or tract of land where two or more mobile home lots are rented or leased, or held out for rent or lease, to accommodate mobile homes used for human habitation for permanent, as opposed to transient, occupancy.

(f) “Rent” means any consideration, including any bonus, benefit or gratuity, demanded or received by a landlord for or in connection with the use or occupancy, including housing services, of a rental unit or in connection with the assignment of a lease or in connection with subleasing of the rental unit.

“Rent” shall not include:

(1) Utility charges for charges for sub-metered gas and electricity.

(2) Charges for water, refuse disposal, sewer service, and/or other services which are either provided and charged to mobile home residents solely on a cost pass-through basis and/or are regulated by state or local law.

(3) Any amount paid for the use and occupancy of a mobile home unit (as opposed to amounts paid for the use and occupancy of a mobile home space).

(4) Charges for laundry services.

(5) Storage charges.

(g) “Rent increase” means any rent demanded or paid by a mobile home owner or mobile home tenant in excess of rent paid for the rental unit immediately prior to such demand or payment. Rent increase includes any reduction in the services provided to a mobile home resident or transfer of the cost without a corresponding reduction in the amount demanded or paid as rent.

(h) “Rental agreement” means a written agreement between a landlord and a mobile home owner or mobile home tenant for the use and occupancy of a rental unit to the exclusion of others.

(i) “Rental unit” means a mobile home or mobile home lot, located in a mobile home park in the County of Humboldt, which is offered or available for rent. Rental unit includes the land, with or without a mobile home, and appurtenant buildings thereto and all housing services, privileges and facilities supplied in connection with the use or occupancy of the mobile home or mobile home lot.

(j) “Service reduction” means a decrease or diminution in the basic service level provided by the park since January, 2016, including but not limited to services the park owner is required to provide pursuant to:

(1) California Civil Code Sections 1941.1 and 1941.2.

(2) The Mobile Home Residency Law, California Civil Code Section 798 et seq.

(3) The Mobile Home Parks Act, California Health and Safety Code Section 18200 et seq.

(4) The landlord’s implied warranty of habitability.

(5) An express or implied agreement between the landlord and the resident.