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(a) The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reserves the right to discontinue response by Sheriff’s Deputy(ies) to any location of a silent or audible alarm, where (1) no permit has been obtained; and (2) the alarm user’s permit has been denied, suspended, or revoked.

This non-response policy shall remain in effect until the alarm user has taken steps to eliminate or correct the problem(s) and has documented the correcting action in writing to the Humboldt County Sheriff or their representative, who shall determine whether or not the alarm user’s permit should be reinstated.

(b) Any alarm which activates falsely more than three (3) times per twenty-four (24) hour period and is in apparent need of repair, adjustment or correction shall be deemed a nuisance. In order to minimize danger to responding deputy(ies) and to the public during the response of any alarm, the on-duty Sergeant may use their discretion to discontinue additional responses. Any such decision shall be followed up by making the permittee or their alarm agent aware of the decision to discontinue response if possible. The Humboldt County Sheriff, their agent or representative, shall make the contact to relay that decision.

(c) When a permittee or responsible alarm agent thereof an unsecured alarmed premises refuses to respond to the request from a Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff, or other Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office representative, the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office shall be under no obligation to remain or secure the premises and the permittee’s alarm permit may be subject to suspension or revocation. (Ord. 1932, § 1, 4/30/1991; Ord. 2672, Att. 1, 3/23/2021)