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For purposes of this section, the following terms, phrases, words and their derivatives shall have the meanings given herein: (Ord. 2041, § 1, 09/25/1995; Ord. 2150, § 1, 09/23/1997)

(a) Vehicle. “Vehicle” is any conveyance whether motor powered, animal-drawn, or self-propelled. The term shall include any trailer in tow of any size, kind or description; provided, however, that vehicles shall not be construed to mean bicycles, wheel chairs, or vehicles in the service of the County of Humboldt, any political subdivision or public agency or emergency vehicles not operated by a public agency such as ambulances. (Ord. 2041, § 1, 6/7/1994; Ord. 2150, § 1, 9/23/1997)

(b) Commercial Fishermen. “Commercial Fishermen” are any persons holding a currently valid California commercial fishing license, and complying with any other requisites as required by law for a person to engage in commercial fishing. (Ord. 2150, § 1, 9/23/1997)

(c) Waveslope. “Waveslope” is the area of the beach that shows evidence of having been washed by waves during the last tidal cycle. (Ord. 2041, § 1, 6/7/1994; Ord. 2150, § 1, 9/23/1997)

(d) Handicapped Person. A “handicapped person” is any person who qualifies for a motor vehicle handicapped placard issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles or who would qualify if not for the person’s age. (Ord. 2041, § 1, 6/7/1994; Ord. 2150, § 1, 9/23/1997)

(e) Senior Citizens. “Senior citizens” are any persons 65 years or older. (Ord. 2041, § 1, 6/7/1994; Ord. 2150, § 1, 9/23/1997)