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918-5. Appeal to the Sheriff for Review.
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(a) The party charged the fee may appeal for review of the charge, as provided in paragraph (b) and (c). (Ord. 2246, § 1, 5/22/2001)

(b) The Humboldt County sheriff or his/her designee, shall, upon application for a review of the costs incurred, notice a hearing to provide responsible parties an opportunity to be heard. The sheriff or his/her designee shall take testimony and other relevant evidence to determine whether the level of response for which the responsible party is being charged is reasonable and appropriate. Cost adjustments shall be within the sole discretion of the sheriff or his designee and shall be based upon proof that the level of response and/or cost incurred by the sheriff was unreasonable based upon clear and convincing evidence. The findings of the sheriff or his designee shall be final. (Ord. 2246, § 1, 5/22/2001)

(c) Upon request, the hearing shall be scheduled within ten (10) working days or as soon thereafter as may be reasonable and agreeable to the parties. (Ord. 2246, § 1, 5/22/2001)