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It shall be unlawful for any person within the limits hereinafter described in this section to mutilate, dig up, destroy, pick, break off of cut any buds, blooms or blossoms from any of the plants described in both this section and § 942-1 above, when such plants are growing within three hundred feet (300') of the center line of any public highway or any State highway or County road within Humboldt County, or within three hundred feet (300') of the center line of any passenger railroad in Humboldt County, unless the land is privately owned and the owner consents thereto. The plants protected by this section are as follows: (Ord. 156, § 2, 11/9/26)

(a) Any plant known as Vancouveria of one kind known as Vancouveria parviflora, also known as evergreen and small-flowered Vancouveria and sometimes called Mexican ivy.

(b) Any plant known as Redwood anemone, also known as anemone deltoidea.

(c) Any plant known as Trillium of the kind known as Trillium ovatum, also known as Coast trillium and Redwood trillium.

(d) Any plant known as Flowering Current also known as Ribes sanguineum glutinsoum.

(e) Any flowering or berry bearing shrub or fern or wildflower. (Ord. 156, § 2, 11/9/1926)