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(a) Business Establishment. In this ordinance, “business establishment” means any entity, however organized, which provides goods, services, or accommodations, to the general public. An otherwise qualifying entity which has membership requirements furnishes services to the general public if its membership requirements: (1) consist only of payment of fees; or (2) consist of requirements under which 5% or more of the residents of the County could qualify. (Ord. 1959, § 1, 2/18/1992)

(b) Discrimination. In this ordinance, “discrimination” means any act, policy or practice which, regardless of intent, has the effect of subjecting anyone to different treatment as a result of that person’s medical condition. The phrase “different treatment” includes any limitation on a person’s full, unsegregated and equal access to or enjoyment of employment, education, real estate transactions, business establishments and county services. (Ord. 1959, § 1, 2/18/1992)

(c) Person, Anyone. In this ordinance, “person” and “anyone” mean any natural person, firm, corporation, partnership or other organization, association or group however organized. (Ord. 1959, § 1, 2/18/1992)

(d) Real Estate Transactions. In this ordinance “real estate transaction” includes the sale, repair, improvement, lease, rental, or occupancy or any interest or portion of any interest in real property, and the extension of credit, financing, insurance or services in connection with the sale, repair, improvement, lease, rental, or occupancy or any interest in real property. (Ord. 1959, § 1, 2/18/1992)

(e) Medical Condition. In this ordinance, “medical condition” means Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), AIDS related conditions (ARC), or any other medical condition which a person contracts as a result of having AIDS or an ARC. “Medical Condition” further includes infection or suspected infection with the infectious agent, known as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). It covers anyone who has such a medical condition or anyone who is regarded as having or believed to have such a condition. (Ord. 1959, § 1, 2/18/1992)

(f) Educational Institution. In this ordinance, “educational institution” means any corporation, partnership or business or any other entity engaged in training, classes or education of adults or children. (Ord. 1959, § 1, 2/18/1992)